I have worked with Jim for a few years. Jim has really helped me build my company by looking at the business side of things, my personal sales, and the professionals that I manage.
I can manage my people more effectively now based on the personal growth I have accomplished by working with Jim.
Jim has a great look at life in general and helps me see the big picture. I really appreciate him also helping me with my personal life too, when need be.
A fun guy to talk to.

Cincinnati, Ohio

I wanted to take this time to thank you for your time and effort in helping me in my career search. It is with great pleasure to inform you that I have finally landed a position in the medical industry as a sales consultant with Synthes.
Synthes is a world leader in the medical instruments and implants industry and they have given me the opportunity to begin with them April 1st in the state of Michigan.
I am extremely excited to launch my career after numerous amounts of interviews in the pharmaceutical and medical industry.
I feel that I would not have succeeded in my career endeavors if it were not for the help I received from people such as yourself. I am also deeply gratified for all your continuous input throughout this long process as well. Thank you!


As a Financial Adviser with a growing business, I would recommend Jim Kelley as a professional business coach. Since I have been working with him, he has guided me to discover the answers to some of my key questions and challenges that I have been struggling with for a number of years.
Jim has an innate ability to engage you , challenge your thinking and guide you to introspectively evaluate that which may be keeping you from achieving your highest potential,. Through this process, Jim has had a dramatic impact on my bottom line, mental health and personal life.
Jim has been an amazing asset to the growth of my business and I confidently recommend him to anyone who is looking to face their challenges and grow exponentially.

New York